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strong roots are our foundation

Locally Owned and Family Operated

Our size and scope enable us to provide personalized attention to all customers while providing services that our competitors are unable to deliver. Our services include Weed Control in lawns and natural areas, Fertilization of lawns & ornamental shrubs & trees, Insect & Disease Control for turf and landscape plantings. Specialized services include Fire Ant, Flea & Mosquito Management.

Our Story

Strong Roots in the Beautiful Town We Love

About the owner

Jason Rangnow was born and raised in St. Augustine. He has been in the lawn care industry since 1994. He started in the lawn maintenance and landscape division before moving into the outdoor Pest Control field. He is a Certified Lawn and Ornamental Operator with a strong commitment to beautifying lawns in the community. His goal is to have a long lasting relationship with our valued customers.

Our employees


All of our field employees are licensed or certified and insured by the state of Florida. The state of Florida requires our technicians to maintain their knowledge on the latest methods of treatment and product application in order to remain licensed.



 By hiring licensed professionals, you can feel confident that the technician servicing your property is knowledgeable in both treatment and safety measures ensuring that your property is being property cared for.


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.